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Sargent                                                Poems by Genevieve Sargent  

In Memoriam

Genevieve Sargent held numerous executive offices for the Arizona State Poetry Society, elected and appointed.  She served as Editorial Consultant to Orbis, a British magazine, editing an American section and writing reviews.  Genevieve edited numerous anthologies, including an international poetry anthology for Northwoods Press.  Her poems have been published in England, Germany, India, the United States, and distributed worldwide.  United Poets Laureate International recognized her for lifetime contributions to poetry.  She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from World University.  Genevieve Sargent died in 2008.


Goodbye, Honey Man                                                            Ingénue


He painted her life                                                                    She’s such

with the honey                                                                          a little fish

of his words,                                                                             and you . . . experienced

and like dry bread                                                                     as fisherman.  Please gently toss

she crumbled                                                                            her back.

without his sweet sustenance                                                

until she discovered                                                                 Cinquain Award Winner, Arizona State Poetry Society

that honey grows in trees.                                                        Annual Contest 1993.  Appeared in Sandcutters,

Nourished by other nectars                                                      Vol. 27, No. 4, 1994.                                        

she shook off old crumbs                                                          

and plunged                                         

into the toaster.


Published in Prize Poems of the National Federation

of State Poetry Societies (anthology) 1981.




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Those Were The Days


The days when life

was like April flowers

an unmatched scent

gathered in the woods


The days when life was

summer succulence

like cherries and plums

peaches and pears


The days of autumn harvests

from corn to crisp apples


The days when life

was snow

the season’s first beauty

under a full moon


Published in Sandutters, Vol. 38, No. 4, 2004.