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Poetry International Web.  Poems, editorials, and poets' news from around the world.



Representative Poetry On-line.  Informative site hosted by the University of Toronto offering indexes of poets and poems throughout history.  Timeline, glossary, etc. 



Arizona Creative Writing Fellowships and the Arizona Commission on the Arts.



The Poetry Foundation.  POETRY magazine founded in 1912.



The Griffin Trust For Excellence In Poetry and related website links to poetry associations, publishers, awards, and resources.  http://www.griffinpoetryprize.com


The Academy of American Poets.



The Arizona State Poetry Society.



The National Federation of State Poetry Societies.  This United States based organization works independently of, and with, member State Poetry Societies to promote poetry and poets.  The website provides information about member state societies.


The Library of Congress Poetry and Literature Center administers the Endowed Poetry Chair and coordinates an annual literary season of public poetry, events, prizes, fellowships, and webcasts.


Poetry Ireland/Éigse Éireann is the national organization for poetry in Ireland, serving all 32 counties.  An organization “dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting poetry through Ireland.”



The Poetry Society was founded in 1909 to support "a more general recognition and appreciation of poetry".  It has grown into one of Britain's most dynamic arts organizations, and publishes the leading poetry magazine, Poetry Review.



The Australian Bush Poet's Association (ABPA) Inc.  "The main purpose of the Association is to foster and encourage the growth of Australian Bush Poetry - rhyming poetry with good meter that talks about Australia, Australians and the Australian way of life."


Australian Poetry Library: tens of thousands of poems of hundreds of Australian poets.


Poetry New Zealand is the country's oldest and most distinguished poetry magazine.  Established in 1951, Poetry NZ is an international print journal of poetry and poetics housed by Massey University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences.



Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poems.  A quarterly publication devoted to poets seeking to understand the beauty of nature and its interconnectedness with humanity.



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